Basic information of Insurance explained

Dear Friends, Have you ever been heard about insurance? Of course… Your answer will be, Yes. But, do you know that why people are buying insurance? ummm… it is quite difficult to answer. No worry, today we are going to share Basic information of Insurance with you.

Basic information of Insurance

Insurance has been widely sold for two reasons –

1 . Either your Friend or some relative has an insurance agent.

2. Your chartered accountant is asked you to buy one in order to save tax.

But insurance is much more than that, it protects your family in case of an eventualities, takes care of the medical expenses and helps you in case of any damage to your vehicle and property.

If you bought the right insurance plan, it will protect not only you but also your vehicle, home, health, shop and family even after your death.

Best Insurance Adviser?

In the market, lots of insurance brokers and advisers available and selling their policies, but when you need your insurance claim, they are behaving like… who are you?

So before choosing your insurance plan, choose your insurance advisory or broker. This may be the first thing while buying your insurance plan.

If we talk about best insurance adviser than 5 Paisa understand your needs, 5Piasa’s team of insurance experts goes through every insurance product in detail, simplify the complexities and presents it to you in an easy way so that you’re able to choose the right insurance product.

5Paisa is not selling you insurance but help you buy, because your every paisa matters.

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